Get code

After Signing up you will get an access to your personal account. You can set up which ad formats you want to display to your users, and get one simple code for them all

Code integration

The code integration is very easy. If you have any problems with the integration, our support will be more than happy to help you out.

Ad display

After the code integration, Platrex will start to display ads to your app or software users. And you will start to make real money immediately.

Get revenue

You will get revenue from every ad, our system displays to your users. So don't wait any longer, sign up, and your products will start working for you. is an innovative monetization tool for app and software developers.

We provide our partners with revenue generating solution for their app and/or software. With Platrex you have an opportunity to get your hard work to finally paid of. Once you bacame Platrex partner, you will get powerful ads display tool, and access to extensive analytic and report system that will help you to make the most profit from your products. Every single ad goes through a strict optimization process, to ensure that only high quality and targeted advertisement will be displayed to the final user. Currently we are working with hundreds publishers all around the world.